Vintage II / 3-Piece Set

The Vintage II 3-piece set is a timeless collection. It offers all the bells & whistles you could ask for including charging on-the-go. With 3 sizes - A Carry-on, a Medium check-in bag and a Large check-in bag, you get the versatility you need without having to worry about storage, as all sizes nest neatly inside each other to save you valuable space at home. This set is ideal for individuals and families for all types of trips.

This stunning collection is vintage inspired, with a design that leaves a lasting impression. It's built with premium light-weight polycarbonate material that's made to last. Smooth spinner wheels allow for effortless movement on any surface, and recessed TSA-approved locks ensure added security. The Carry-on has a built-in USB port for charging on-the-go, a removable toiletry bag and an array of pockets so you can stay organized. The Medium check-in bag is a versatile size for all-inclusive trips, cruises or weekend getaways. Lastly, the Large check-in bag is perfect for longer trips or for those who want to pack more. Together, these 3 pieces form our best value.


Exterior Dimensions:
30” x 20” x 12” (Large Check-in Bag)
26.5” x 17” x 11” (Medium Check-in Bag)
21” x 14” x 9” (Carry-on)
*dimensions include wheels and fixed handles

Interior Dimensions:
28.5” x 19.5” x 11.5” (Large Check-in Bag)
24.5” x 16.5” x 10.5” (Medium Check-in Bag)
20” x 13.5” x 8.5” (Carry-on)

4.3KG (Large Check-in Bag)
3.4KG (Medium Check-in Bag)
2.7KG (Carry-on)

105L (Large Check-in Bag)
70L (Medium Check-in Bag)
38L (Carry-on)

Trip Length:
7-21 days (Large Check-in Bag)
7-15 days (Medium Check-in Bag)
2-6 days (Carry-on)


Unparalleled design

A perfect blend of vintage details with a modern twist. A timeless classic.


Built to last

Light-weight, water-resistant, durable polycarbonate hard-shell.


Effortless movement

Durable 360° dual spinner wheels for a smooth ride on any surface.


Light-weight trolley

Adjustable height, aluminum telescopic trolley system.


Built-in TSA lock

Recessed TSA approved locks for added safety.


Charging on-the-go

Carry-on with built-in USB port allows you to charge your devices anywhere you go. (cable included, power bank not included).


Pack more

All 3 sizes (Carry-on, Medium check-in bag, Large check-in bag) come with a 2” expansion feature for added packing capacity.


Thoughtfully designed interior

- 50/50 packing layout for easy organization.
- Interior compression straps allow you to pack more.
- Zippered-pockets on compression straps to organize smaller items.
- Separate large zippered-compartment to keep dirty laundry, shoes or any other items you would like to keep concealed.
- Carry-on with removeable toiletry bag for your daily essentials.
- Carry-on with built-in power bank pocket (cable included, power bank not included).


Space saving storage

All pieces nest neatly inside each other to save you valuable space at home.