Our background

Champs Luggage has been a North-American industry leader in the travel goods category since 1988. We have designed, developed and distributed hundreds of travel collections through some of your favourite retailers throughout the years and proudly continue to do so.

Our philosophy

It seems the luggage industry has been longing for a disruptor for quite some time. Our passion for travel and belief that things could be done in a better way is the motivation behind this website. Consumers today are smart, savvy and seek uncompromised value in the things they buy - and they deserve to have an option that satisfies just that. From the way we design our luggage to the way we sell it - it has you in mind.

Often, well-known traditional brands will compromise their quality and spend heavily on marketing - resulting in over-priced products that don't last. Others, will offer an overload of impractical features while overlooking common-sense functionality - resulting in products that simply don't address your needs. Not us.

Our design

Our high-quality cases are thoughtfully designed with the features you actually need, at a price that won't break the bank.  We strive to make premium luggage accessible to everyone, and since we sell directly to you, we can offer our products at a fraction of the price of competing luxury brands.

Our model

Our efficient direct-to-consumer model provides a fast and convenient customer experience. Buying should be hassle-free and seamless, and we make it just that. Oh and by the way, if you need service or support, rest assured that a real person is there to assist you.

Our belief

Travel offers some of life's greatest experiences. It's exciting to wander, explore, and discover, all while making valuable connections with people everywhere.